Welcome to E-tel Computers - The power to progress

Brantel is the National Distributor of the E-tel brand of Mobiles, Tabs and Computers. The company is a trusted name in delivering quality products at affordable prices backed by a solid warranty and service/repair process on an island-wide basis.

The company holds National Distribution for some of the most reputed brands such as 3M Cabling, SMA Solar Inverters, Inspur Data Center, Server Range, Cyber-Roam UTM solutions and has thousands of store locations across Sri lanka, backed up by island-wide servicing centers.

The company has always focused to the development of Sri Lanka and the empowerment of its citizens though many social and technology initiatives to add value to the Sri Lankan lifestyle at affordable prices. The company works in the retail, SME and corporate segments of the technology market and has a large professionally qualified technical and sales account management staffing to work with every customer requirement.

E-tel has became the second best selling Smartphone brand in the island for few consecutive times with in past few years. (Source - Cyber Media Research)

The company has been on the fore-front of many timely technology introductions into the Sri Lankan market including the first to launch the Keytab and the iPC. The company has a prestigious corporate customer base that covers most of the best companies in Sri Lanka. The core value that drives business growth is the true satisfaction of its customer base by relentlessly providing stable and durable products with an efficient and courteous island-wide after sales service.